Post Workout Supplements

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Growing evidence has proven that high-quality post workout supplements are key players in fitness performance or on an as-needed basis for muscle recovery. What exactly constitutes muscle recovery? Recovery of muscles can involve repairing damaged muscle and tissue, ridding waste products, and reducing inflammation. Post workout supplements can also replenish essential nutrients and energy stores for cellular activity, and restore the communication pathways to the brain and the body. Combined with post workout recovery, an additional supplement can be essential to staying healthy and active. 

Photo from Pexels

The best Post workout supplements online

While pre workouts are energy inducing and aid endurance, post workouts feature key ingredients that assist in  muscular recovery and muscle building. With so many high-performing products in the market, honing in on the best product can be a challenge. We list some of the top contending ingredients to look out for: 

L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid which helps speed recovery after intense exercise (think weights or HIIT), by allowing the muscles to intake carbohydrate more readily. It’s also proven to increase growth hormones which are responsible for building new, leaner muscle mass. It can also aid protein synthesis. After exercise, you experience micro tears that occur in the muscle, fiber or tissue. Consume Glutamine after a workout and it can assist with protein synthesis which is responsible for preventing muscle wastage or damage.

Creatine: As a post workout supplement, Creatine is a safe and effective ingredient. It is proven that the intake of Creatine after exercise increases lean muscle mass, improves strength and helps the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. This essential muscular boost can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve bursts of strength, speed and energy, especially during short bouts of weight lifting or sprinting.  

Others: Some post workout supplements can include BCAA and other essential amino acids. These supplements are designed to deliver essential proteins to the muscles to help muscles recover and increase muscle synthesis. If you’re looking to add mass, protein-based supplements are the way to go. 

Putting Our Trust in Science

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