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Growth Labs Australia’s 100% Pure L-Carnitine contains only the highest grade Acetyl L-Carnitine. As part of the essentials range there is one ingredient only and that is of course Acetyl L-Carnitine. Simple and effective – That’s what our essentials range is all about.

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Growth Labs Australia’s 100% Pure L-Carnitine contains only the highest grade Acetyl L-Carnitine. As part of the essentials range there is one ingredient only and that is of course Acetyl L-Carnitine. Simple and effective – That’s what our essentials range is all about.


Our 100% PURE L-CARNITINE comes in the form of Acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR), is a powerful addition to your biohacking toolbox. This valuable little molecule has been a staple in the bodybuilding and brain-hacking communities for years now, thanks to its ability to help you lose weight and power up your brain.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced in your body to generate energy. It’s also found in animal protein — namely, red meats. Many people supplement with acetyl-L-carnitine, because of its potential benefits.

What are the Benefits?

You can use ALCAR to enhance your mitochondrial function cognition, workouts, and more. ALCAR helps your mitochondria (the powerhouses of your cells) burn fat and create more energy — especially for your muscles and brain.

Acetyl-L-carnitine has two main benefits:

Boosts brain power: ALCAR is an anti-aging nootropic, or smart drug, meaning, it helps your brain perform better. The acetyl group on it lets it pass your blood-brain barrier and reach your brain and nerves, where it can improve your mood, learning, and memory.

Burns fat and builds muscle: ALCAR can give you an edge in the gym, too. It shuttles fuel (in the form of fatty acids) to your muscle mitochondria, which ramps up your energy production and can increase endurance. ALCAR also pushes your metabolism toward fat burning while you work out.

How 100% PURE L-CARNITINE Burns Fat

sWhen you take ALCAR, it turns into carnitine in your body, and if your insulin levels are low — for example, from eating a keto diet , doing intermittent fasting, working out intensely, or being in a calorie deficit — carnitine becomes very important for burning fat.

When your insulin is low, your mitochondria start turning to fat for fuel. They grab onto stored body fat (or fat you eat), break it down into fatty acids, and send the fatty acids to your mitochondria. Your mitochondria turn those fatty acids into ATP (energy) that powers your cells.

But fatty acids can’t get into your mitochondria alone. They use something called a carnitine shuttle. Basically, carnitine latches onto fatty acids and carries them into your mitochondria. It gives your mitochondria the raw materials to produce lots of energy and function at their best.

In other words, you need carnitine to metabolize fat. If you’re low on carnitine, fat can’t get into your mitochondria, and you struggle to use it for fuel. But with abundant carnitine, your fat metabolism works like a well-oiled machine. That’s where ALCAR supplements come in, and why they’re so popular with bodybuilders.

For Mood, Memory and Cognitive Decline

100% PURE L-CARNITINE is a supplement form of L-carnitine that can pass your blood-brain barrier, giving it access to the dense collection of mitochondria in your brain, as well as to the mitochondria in the rest of your body. That explains why ALCAR is becoming so popular as a nootropic supplement (something that makes your brain work better).

As is the case with many nootropics, ALCAR is popular in the brain-hacking world thanks to lots of individual reports about how much it helps cognition. This is one of those supplements that’s worth trying..

100% PURE L-CARNITINE for Improving Your Workouts

ALCAR has been a staple of the bodybuilding community for years. It’s got some decent research to back it up:

  • Increases strength: Resistance-trained young men who took carnitine 90 minutes before intense exercise enjoyed a significant increase in power output, as well as lower lactate levels (lactate contributes to the burning feeling in your muscles).
  • Burns more fat: Young men who took carnitine burned more fat during moderate exercise, and their muscles produced more energy during intense exercise.
  • Boosts testosterone: Men who took acetyl-L-carnitine after lifting had more dense hormone receptors in their muscles, which may have improved their testosterone uptake. In other words, ALCAR doesn’t increase your testosterone; it makes you better at using the testosterone you have.
  • Speeds recovery: ALCAR can speed up recovery and decrease muscle inflammation after exercise, in both men and women.
  • Better insulin sensitivity: ALCAR improves insulin sensitivity in people who don’t process glucose well.
  • Builds muscle: ALCAR is a powerful anti-aging supplement if you’re older and want to build muscle. In older people, it decreases muscle fatigue and increases fat loss.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue: One study found that acetyl-L-carnitine decreases muscle fatigue in young people, too.

ALCAR can help you work harder in the gym and recover faster. And if you’re older, acetyl-L-carnitine is especially useful for maintaining your energy levels and shedding body fat.

100% Pure L-Carnitine


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