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Servings Per Container: 60
Serving Size: 575.4mg (1 Capsule with 1100mL water)

Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia is a potent high-energy, thermogenic fat burner. Combining effective natural ingredients backed by science to supercharge your metabolism. Not only are its ingredients backed by science this is arguably the most powerful legitimate thermogenic fat burner on the planet.

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At Growth Labs Australia we have continued to push the envelope with this cutting edge, thermogenic fat burner formula. With Lipodrine, we have combined high-energy ingredients with an obliterating heat factor to result in a truly potent supplement.

Lipodrine isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts. This powerful annihilation tool can be used by anyone looking to switch on energy, give you a lift and of course crush your weight management goals. Thousands of men and women of varying ages are already benefiting from this all-powerful supplement! It has rapidly gathered a cult following that is taking the incinerator space by storm. The results, reviews and testimonials are truly exciting. For this reason, it has become the supplement everybody is talking about.

The 6 Compound Perfect Ratio Complex

The secret to Lipodrine’s potency is our strategic combination of Six unique ingredients to help truly support your goals. You will work longer and harder to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Presented in a convenient, single serve dissolvable capsule, the following substances complement each other to give you everything you need to meet your goals.

  • Anhydrous Caffeine
  • Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract
  • Hordenum vulgare var. Root Extract
  • Theobromine
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Chromium Picolinate

Why is it Effective? Putting Our Trust in Science

Consumers are often sceptical about fat burner / metabolism boosting products, and they should be. It is estimated that high as 80% of products claiming to be incinerators are fake, or intentionally misleading. At Growth Labs Australia we have committed our entire brand to honesty, transparency and integrity. Were creating our entire range differently. We’re creating something consumers can finally trust.

With thousands of natural supplements available to us it stands to reason that some simply aren’t upheld by the science. At Growth Labs Australia we spent the time researching ingredients that are genuinely backed by peer reviewed studies. It goes without saying that these are the ingredients we’ve included in Lipodrine.

At Growth labs Australia we have not only taken the time to find these ingredients, we have included them all at perfect levels and displayed them in a full disclosure panel. You can take Lipodrine with the confidence that you are giving yourself the best chance to turbo charge your results.

Key Points

  • Simple formula (6 ingredients) allowing for perfect serves
  • Single serve once a day
  • 2 Month Supply
  • Combines amino acids and botanical compounds for a perfect ratio
  • Combining potent ingredients to crush your weight management goals

Serving Size: 575.4mg (1 Capsule with 1100mL water)
Servings Per Container: 60

Per ServePer 100g
Fat (Total) – Saturated0g0g

Composition Information

Anhydrous Caffeine325mg29.5mg
Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract
(Naturally occurring 5-HTP)
Hordeum vulgare var. Root Extract75mg6.8mg
Synephrine HCL25mg2.3mg
Chromium Picolinate0.4mg<0.1mg

13 reviews for Lipodrine

  1. Charlotte De Boos

    Gotta be the most effective fat burner I’ve used in a while… and I’ve tried a few!

  2. Evie Fosbery

    It gives me a big kick in the butt and has helped me lose 6 kilos 👌🏽

  3. Archer Mackay

    Lipodrine has helped me burn stubborn fat, do yourself a favour and try it, You won’t regret it!

  4. Rebecca Allsop

    Best fat burner I have ever used. I lost the excess weight and felt incredible with heaps of energy at the same time. Couldn’t recommend this product enough!

  5. Chelsea Smith

    I must have tried every fat burner there is and nothing has worked for me until i came across this beauty. Thank you growth labs Australia for making something that works

  6. Sian

    Best fat burner I’ve ever used!!

  7. Rachel Nguyen

    Absolutely amazing product, I used this throughout the F45 challenge and took out third place! Definitely worth every cent!

  8. Marcus

    Have definitely noticed a difference over the past couple of months. Starting to look noticeably leaner and gives me a good kick before my workouts.

  9. Jess

    Love this product!

  10. Beth Gee (verified owner)

    Being taking the Lipodrine since 2nd of June. I haven’t changed anything and weighed myself today the 12th June, I have lost 2.6 kilo’s. Amazing stuff. Will be buying again.

  11. Clare Chenery (verified owner)

    Extra energy when training & the increased weight loss since starting the dosage has been fantastic. Will continue taking this for a good long time.

  12. Caroline D Wiebe (verified owner)

    I really like this product!

  13. Sharn Hoff (verified owner)

    Great product is helping me lose some weight only thing is it makes me feel very nauseous i take 1st thing in the morning with 500ml of water. Any tips on how to stop feeling nauseous?

    • site-admin

      Reduce the amount of water and have it with some food. This should ease the feeling

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