Resveratrol for a Healthy Hormone Balance

Resveratrol. The name doesn’t evoke images of health or longevity. But scientists who are familiar with the chemical say that it could not only keep people healthy, but could someday be used to cure Dementia and Diabetes. Resveratrol is the substance that makes red wine healthy, and it is also a main ingredient in Estrodrine, one of the newest complexes created by Growth Labs Australia.

A Primer on Resveratrol

Resveratrol is natural compound found in many common plants, including blueberries, cranberries, mulberries, peanuts, pistachios, and grapes (red and purple). It appears to have antioxidant effects when consumed in higher doses, as well as a number of other benefits, although much more research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms that make the substance so good for the body.

Resveratrol and a Dose for Wellness

Eating a healthy diet of foods that contain Resveratrol and drinking the occasional glass of wine can benefit your health, but to receive the maximum benefit from the extract you should supplement your diet with a therapeutic dose of the substance, which can be found in Estrodrine and other health supplements.

Animal Studies and Benefits

Scientists have been investigating the benefits of this extract for years using animals as participants in extended studies. Numerous studies have concluded that Resveratrol has benefits that go beyond meeting dietary needs, including

  • an increase in “good” cholesterol and decrease in total cholesterol
  • healthy weight loss
  • increased life span in simple organisms
  • reduction in age-related cognitive decline
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • joint pain relief

Impact for Human Consumers

While much of the more involved research on humans remains to be completed, studies in Resveratrol use seem to point toward a belief that the substance has true medicinal and health benefits. One study conducted and published in 2016 by Endocrine Society showed that Resveratrol does help women who have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) recover from hormone imbalance. In the study, participants were given Resveratrol supplements daily for three months, with testosterone and DHEAS levels measured both before and after the period of the trial. Researchers determined that those women who received the supplements had a significantly lower testosterone level after the trial, while those who had received the placebo experienced an increase in testosterone. In the same study, researchers also found that the extract lowered the women’s risk of developing Diabetes.

Supplements with Resveratrol

With the medical benefits of this extract confirmed by many scientists, supplements that contain the substance have appeared in supplement stores and on health/fitness sites across the globe. But not all sources provide the same quality or quantity of Resveratrol. Before you choose a product online, read the description and ingredient list to ensure that you’re getting the best combination of substances for your health and wellness needs.

Estrodrine with Resveratrol

While many Resveratrol supplements come with filler ingredients, Estrodrine has a proven combination of substances that work together to help you reach a proper hormone balance. A therapeutic dose of Resveratrol is combined with other hormone regulators, including Calcium D-Glucarate, Brassica Oleracea Extract, DIM and Red Clover Extract, to help lower your estrogen levels and maintain a healthy balance of hormones.