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Servings 1550mg (2 Capsules)

Cortidrine is our advanced tranquility and vitality supplement. Contains proven ingredients which support reductions in cortisol levels, stress, anxiety levels and improved sleep. When we are struggling to gain composure, feeling over-worked and dealing with family and social pressures, it puts an immense burden on us.

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Cortidrine is our advanced tranquility and vitality supplement. Contains proven ingredients which support reductions in cortisol levels, stress, anxiety levels and improved sleep. When we are struggling to gain composure, feeling over-worked and dealing with family and social pressures, it puts an immense burden on us. This comes at a high cost. In the short term our resilience is suppressed, everything slows to a grinding halt, and we are robbed of vitality. In the long-term we become sloppy, tension builds, structure begins to collapse and eventually everything deteriorates.

Cortidrine Formula

Our tranquility and vitality formula – Cortidrine, uses a combination of ingredients, each with a specific role in combating built up levels of stress and improving overall function.
These pressures are pervasive and potentially harmful. For some of us it even seems to be a way of life. Understanding it and finding ways of dealing with it effectively are key. Cortidrine can take you into a state of vitality, positivity and total bliss.

Why is it effective?

We saw a gap in the market to provide a product that actually does what it says it does. We found most of the products out there for helping reduce cortisol levels were under dosed, contained compounds with no scientific backing or used a proprietary blend hiding it’s ingredient breakdown.
All the ingredients in Cortidrine are 100% backed by peer-reviewed scientific research articles and contain the appropriate doses that are utilised in these studies.

Key Points

  • The only tranquility product to target both imminent and ongoing pressures
  • Reduces and resets pre trainer tolerance
  • Contains advanced ingredients at levels that help remove roadblocks that lead to hormonal imbalances. With lower cortisol levels it’s easier for us to reach our goal of losing fat or building muscle.
  • Improves overall bliss and serenity

Stacks with:

Testodrine: Can be used in combination with Cortidrine to help increase testosterone levels leading to easier fat loss and muscle gain.
Estrodrine: Helps support healthy balanced estrogen levels in men and women. Too high or too can lead to many negative effects.

Servings 1550mg (2 Capsules)
Servings Per Container: 30

Per ServePer 100g
Fat (Total) – Saturated0g0g

Composition Information

Magnolia officinalis Bark Extract
(Naturally occurring Honokiol and Magnolol)
Ashwaganda (Min. 5% Withanolides)300mg19.4g
Hops (Min. 4% Flavonoids)100mg6.5g
Passion Flower (MIn. 3.5% Vitexin)100mg6.5g
Valerian Root Extract (Min. 0.8% HPLC)50mg3.2g

The easiest way to identify an issue with elevated Cortisol is to look for any of these signs; weight gain, mostly around the midsection and upper back, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, acne, slowed healing, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, irritability or regular headaches.

If there’s one thing that will hinder progress of any kind its stress. And yep, you guessed it, there’s a hormone responsible. It’s called Cortisol and is also known as “The stress hormone.” This is the roadblock of all roadblocks. Cortisol is not only the stress hormone, it is also the survival hormone. It’s a hormone that has literally evolved into us to tell us when our environment is inappropriate for survival. It’s the little tap on the shoulder our brain gave our nomadic ancestors that said, “hey you! you need to move on from this place. Food is scarce, predators are present or there is no shelter. Death is a possibility.”

While we’re producing this survival hormone, our body enters a state in which all focus is switched to functions crucial for life. Guess what, fat loss doesn’t meet the criteria. In fact to some extent the opposite is true. If food is scarce it’s more important than ever to hang onto those fatty energy stores.

These imminent threats to life don’t generally exist in modern society. However the mechanism is still very much there. But it’s now triggered by modern stressors. It might seem strange that when the boss dumps a stack of papers in front of us, or we have an overdue bill, a survival hormone is triggered. But of course we haven’t had time to fully adapt and evolve to this modern lifestyle. So the Cortisol dilemma continues, day after day.

Luckily we have some well studied supplements we can use to lower production of Cortisol and actually increase production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine that are responsible for positive moods. The main purpose for taking a natural cortisol reduction supplement is of course to break your plateaus, achieve your goals, your immune system and live a healthier life.

23 reviews for Cortidrine

  1. Mark C

    I absolutely love cortidrine. Since I started I’m finding I’m less stressed at work and my sleep has been better 5/5

  2. Gabriella Fisher

    This is the best relaxation product I’ve tried in a long time

  3. Heather Benson

    Great stuff, I’ll be buying more

  4. Lisa J

    I use cortidrine for sleep and it works so well. I feel totally energised when I wake

  5. Michelle Dixon

    I started using this for my anxiety but I was surprised to see that its made weight loss easier too

  6. Barry Fuller

    10/10 Im a changed woman. No more psycho mum!

  7. Brett

    I’d recommend to give it a go, im about to order my second tub.

  8. William Blankenship

    does what youd expect. A very solid product

  9. Angela Howe

    I’m definitely feeling less stressed. I will be continuing

  10. Rachel G

    Great product

  11. Sara Evans

    I can definitely feel a difference on this. It has helped me heaps

  12. Matthew Deleon

    Best anti cortisol product out there.

  13. April

    The difference is astounding, I’ve tried other products, but nothing like this!

  14. Rachael Warren

    Great for anxiety, Great for weight loss

  15. Jacob Young

    Sleeping like a baby, thank you GLA

  16. Mitch J

    Definitely onto a winner here. Very fast shipping also.

  17. Robert Flores

    I can’t say a bad word about cortidrine. Easy on the stomach and kicks in fast

  18. Monica

    A++ would recommend

  19. Christopher Clark

    I will be using this for many years to come, it has brought normality back to my life.

  20. Abigail Ward

    I have been taking this with Estrodrine and am currently down 12kg. 5 STARS!!!

  21. Joshua Parker

    Work is better, sleep is better, family life is better and im losing a little weight too.

  22. Lance H

    Definitely happy to say grab a tub.

  23. Kathleen Wilson

    By far the best stress pill there is.

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